VA Loan Inspection Services

A VA home inspection will help home buyers make a fully informed decision when purchasing a property. Inspectors take an in-depth look at the home including: foundation, roof, electrical and crawlspace.
Does A VA Loan Require A Home Inspection?
No, they do not. A VA Loan Inspection is not required, but they are highly recommended. Home inspections do much more to protect buyers. Professional home inspectors will be impartial when evaluating the home. Without an inspection, you can be left hanging out to dry later. It will alert you of any negatives before the deal is done and give you a chance to rethink and renegotiate the contract if necessary. Many will choose to have the VA home inspection performed before the appraisal, so they can decide whether to move forward and pay for the appraisal. If the home has major problems, a buyer can walk away with earnest money intact if there was an inspection contingency in the purchase agreement, typically. Fees for this inspection will vary based on the home size and location. Considering how much you will pay for a home ultimately, this is a relatively minor price to pay for peace of mind.