11-Month Warranty Inspection



Any newly constructed home seems to come with the premise of no worries about issues found with an older home. Unfortunately no home is perfect. Builder errors, poor quality materials or even just natural settling, truth is a new home can have significant defects. Luckily, our professional home inspectors can help.

What is an 11-Month Inspection?

This is a full home inspection performed by a licensed inspector for homes, complete with an inspection report. No matter what the age of your home is, you may have had an inspection before when you closed on your new home.

Homeowners typically schedule this inspection during the 11th month of owning their new home. You can however schedule it any time before your one year builder warranty expires. Timing is key to ensure you have it completed while your still under the warranty period and to ensure they have time to make any necessary claims before it expires.

Why do I need an 11 Month Warranty Inspection?

This inspection helps protect your investment. A qualified licensed home inspector is able to identify common problems that emerge in new construction and alert you to any serious issues. A small leak around a window may go unnoticed until rot and mold become a more serious problem later – and most certainly, after your warranty has expired. Platinum Home Inspectors know what to look for and will zero in on details that average homeowner could miss.

Your 11 Month warranty inspection report makes it easier to claim on your warranty in a timely manner. The house inspector will detail their findings and will include clear photographs and video, making it more likely of having your claim paid. Finding problems with your newly built home can help avoid a financial blow later, as well as frustration. Invest in an inspection today!