Four-Point Inspection Services

This category of Home Inspections is a visual evaluation that determines the “insurability” of the home. It is the most cost-effective inspection, and is historically mandated by your home insurance company, as well as the lender chosen for a property that requires the approval of a loan.

As opposed to a full home inspection that is more extensive, the 4 Point inspection deals with the biggest risks. Especially in buildings that are more than 20 years old. It gets its name from the four key areas of interest in a home; which are:

  • Roof (and structure of the home; what kind of covering; are all shingles attached to the roof?)
  • HVAC system, i.e., Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (Any leaks?)
  • Electrical (wiring of the home; any bent or damaged wires?)
  • Plumbing (water flow piping; what kind of connections?)
four point inspection