New Construction Inspection

What is it, and do you need one?

You may think a home inspection would not be necessary if you recently had a newly constructed home. You may think it is a waste of time and money. An inspection on a newly constructed home could provide critical insights into the home’s structural integrity and possibly prevent costly repairs in the future. Even newly constructed homes have flaws.

If you’re considering purchasing a new construction home, you should strongly consider hiring a qualified inspector to complete a new construction inspection. Many individuals think that a recently constructed home wouldn’t have any problem, which is far from the truth. Unfortunately, these problems typically arise early in living in a new home. Identifying problems before they become an issue is where an 11-Month Warranty comes in.

A new construction inspection provides an accurate review of the newly constructed home and identifies installation-related and construction-related issues concerning the home structures and systems. The new construction inspection examines the exterior and interior portions of the house. It includes foundation, framing, final, and warranty phases. In addition, the customer may request a review of the home before the home builder turns the property over to the client.

During the review, the new homeowner and the builder will typically walk through the home together. This is the appropriate time to raise concerns about potential issues. This is the ideal time to hire a new construction inspection service. Platinum Home Inspection, LLC has the trained eyes to check even the most minor areas of your home. Receive your peace of mind, and contact Platinum Home Inspections today to schedule your new construction inspection!